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My name is Cassie Crisp.  I world as a full-time Worship Pastor at Christian Freedom Church.  I have been married for 6 years to my best friend and love of my life, Chad.  We have been blessed with two children that keep life full of fun and adventure!  Jocelyn is my 4 year old, strong-willed first born child and Jude is my determined 11 month old baby boy.  I learned about Young Living oils from a dear friend in early July of 2014.  I was meeting up with her and told her about my 3 day headache that I could not seem to shake.  She gave me some oils to try, and within 30 minutes, my pain was gone and did not return!  From that moment, I was a believer.  I have always been one to take Advil at the first sign of any pain, and now was up to using it 2-3 times a week.  I had started experiencing some side effects of those over the counter meds, and I was very interested in hearing about a God-given alternative to treatment without the side effects... and Young Living was my answer.  I jumped in and bought a starter kit.  Since then, I have used the oils for everything possible, and have enjoyed the full night sleep I get using them on myself and my 11 month old!  Thank God for sleep!!! 

My favorite oils to use are tranquil and rutavala to help me rest at night.  I also keep panaway in my purse just in case I have another one of those awful headaches!!!  I have enjoyed the added energy and immune boost that I get from my Ningxia Red each morning and would love to help anyone who is a skeptic about more natural medicine....seeing that I have never been a believer until now!
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