It's sexy to oil and be a man

As a man, I was skeptic at first and then my wife, Jen, handed me a bottle of peppermint for a headache. Before I walked out of the bathroom from putting it on, the headache was gone. It was a bazaar feeling. I always battled through them because I didn't like taking any medications. Now I use them for sore muscles, immunity booster, sleep and allergies. My go to oil is purification. I have a bottle sitting on my bathroom sink right now. I use it for zits and a crazy ring worm I have from walking through the woods to the shooting range. I even put the crazy oil in our dog's ear because she is prone to yeast infections. I've mixed up lavender and purification diluted 50/50 for her and I guess you could say myself too. 

 I became a full blown believer after using oils when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Jen gave me a roller bottle of her "oils concoction" to use before and after. I was able to drive myself because I didn't have anesthesia. I never had the preventative stuff from the dentist filled and just took the "oils concoction" with great results. Once the numbing medicine started to wear off I could feel the pain and Jen came in ready with the "pain pill" in hand ready for me to test out with ice packs. After a nap and a protein smoothie, with Pure Protein Complete,  I was ready to go to band practice that night. The next morning Jen thought I was crazy for trying to go to work. She asked if I was in pain and truthfully I felt fine. My co-workers thought I was crazy too and they all examined my face to find absolutely no swelling. They were impressed and truthfully, so was I. 

 My favorite oil would be a tie between peppermint and thieves. I like the cleaning, purifying and immune fighting capability of it. A drop of thieves in apple cider is just plain awesome. We put thieve on our kids every night along with Immupower and its cool to me that we can keep them healthy by "oiling them up". Our four year old ask for his oils every night. He likes the way they make him feel, which is cool. So I guess you could say I'm a crazy oily guy and my wife says "it's sexy to be oily". Shoot us an email (by clicking on the round envelope above) if you want to try these oils for yourself. Jump on over to the Crazy Little Oils FB page and say hi and see what the buzz is all about. Thanks for stopping by.