You had me at non-toxic, immune boosting household cleaner!

So, I've been test driving this new cleaner that I DIY'd in my own kitchen about 4 months ago. My cleaning lady says "it's the best cleaner ever." Plus it boost her immune system while cleaning. We are in LOVE!  Not only does it clean the stainless steel like a champ, I don't have to worry about the kids being around when I'm cleaning the counters or toilets!  It's totally non toxic and actually has properties to boost their immune systems. Clove and cinnamon bark are amazing for purifying any surface it contacts. There is a whole story behind the name "Thieves" that is quite interesting. Feel free to google scholar any of the above facts and you will be sure to find the references of truth to back them up. With my crazy crew I'm incredibly thankful for the concentrated Thieves cleaner that allows me to make household cleaner, dishwashing detergent, hand purifier and purifying wipes in a snap!  I need fast, simple and less icky in my life, don't you!  Okay so for the recipe....


Thieves DIY Household Cleaner 

Items needed:

  1. 1 cap full of Thieves Household Concentrated cleaner. If your not a wholesale member of Young Living shoot us an email to and we can hook you up with a bottle of this cleaner. To get it in your hands for around 25 bucks... its 22 wholesale + shipping. One little bottle of concentrate will make about 30 28 oz bottles of this recipe. 
  2. 1 tsp White Vinegar
  3. 3 cups of Water
  4. 7 drops of Lemon Essential oil.... email us if you don't have this amazing bottle of goodness!
  5. 1 - 28 oz empty spray bottle from the dollar store
  6. funnel


How to make:

Use funnel to pour all ingredients in to the empty spray bottle. Shake and get to cleaning!!!  


I've used this on granite, cream colored carpet showers, toilets, stainless steel, really any surface in the home you can think of. Remember to spot test. You may have a funky stain resistant coating on what ever fabric your working with and it may give you a weird reaction. So to be safe, spot test. 

Happy cleaning with your safe and incredibly smelling cleaner!!!  I wouldn't be to concerned if my little accidentally got thieve cleaner in her mouth. Probably would be a bit yucky, but hey... most 1.5 year olds don't think that far ahead now do they!  I know mine doesn't!


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